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How Will I Be Billed For Chiropractic Visits?

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At Peery Family Chiropractic, we are more than happy to do the billing for you. Should you choose to pay in full at the time a service, please note that you will receive a 20% discount on your bill.

Have Insurance?

We will gladly bill your insurance company, both primary and secondary policies. Just remember that our office hears the same recorded response that your insurance company tells you… “prior authorization of benefits is not guarantee of payment.” The insurance company can take anywhere from two to six weeks to process a claim. As soon as we receive the explanation of benefits statement in the mail, we will bill out for any remaining costs. Please note that a medical visit copayment may be required at the time of service.

Are you contracted with my insurance company?

Peery Family Chiropractic is a preferred provider for Blue Shield of California and Medicare. This means that we have signed a contract which dictates the maximum we, or any other medical office, may charge you for the same service. Seeing an “in-network” provider is usually cheaper, but we will happily bill all insurance companies. If I am not a preferred provider for your insurance company, please keep in mind the 20% time of service discount. Also, ask about it. I may not currently be in your network for many reasons, but I am always happy to look into new options.
Please note that Medicare is great at covering chiropractic care; however, they will not pay for the physical examination. A Medicare supplement policy may pick up part or all of these remaining costs. Please call for further information on this topic.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to give our office a call. We will be more than happy to answer any and all questions to the best of our ability.

Were You in an Auto Accident?

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First and foremost, we need to make sure there are not any fractures and sprains or strains. Actually, fractures typically heal within six weeks and are better and stronger than before. Sprains and strains are harder to determine a time of resolution as it is sometimes difficult to know the exact degree of damage to the muscles and ligaments.

Hopefully you get checked out by a medical doctor or chiropractor as soon as possible. But now you are in pain and the claim has not settled. First thing to do is check to see if you have Med Pay on your insurance plan. We can call on your behalf to verify if this is part of your policy. If it is, you have a set amount of money that is there for the purpose of getting you better. Our office will submit all bills directly to the adjustor, and there should be no out-of-pocket expenses for you.
If you do not have Med Pay and your claim has not settled, payment is due at time of service. But we will work with your insurance company to make sure they have all medical bills submitted for your claim which will help with the settlement. While under care, it is so important to keep an open line of communication with your adjustor. Often times, the other party’s insurance adjustor will need information from you. Please check with your adjustor prior to signing anything from the other party. The insurance companies would like to settle the claim for the smallest amount of money and, one can feel pressured to settle. Discuss this with your doctor before settling, as the treatment plan may not be completed, and the remaining cost may not be calculated in your settlement amount.

Remember that all of your medical information is confidential. In order for an insurance company to obtain your medical bills and treatment notes, a medical records release form must be signed. We will assist you throughout this difficult and sometimes lengthy process. This can be an extremely stressful time, and we will do everything we can to make it as pain-free as possible.

Where Does Neurology Fit In?

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In addition to working with musculo-skeletal problems, I have developed a passion for neurology. That is why I have spent an additional 300 hours outside of chiropractic school attending neurology seminars and am currently pursuing a degree in functional neurology. It is not always enough to know how the nerves control the muscles which move our body. One must have a better understanding of what first activates or fires the nerves…the brain! To do this, your doctor need to understand not only the different regions or lobes of the brain and brain stem, but understand how each part of the brain simultaneously activates another region and, finally, what that does to our bodies.

A thorough neurologic evaluation can provide such insight into our problems. And if we want to consider fixing the cause of the problem, we should start at the source. Neurologic evaluation and brain exercises have helped me to work with many complicated complaints including stroke, movement disorders, and auto-immune conditions. This is all to say that I love to work with the weird, complicated cases that just do not make sense to other doctors!

How and Why Does Chiropractic Work?

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Adjustments and muscle work in the neck can greatly improve neck pain and tingling or numbness in the upper extremity (our arms and hands) and, likewise, chiropractic treatment for low back pain can help treat the lower extremities (our legs and feet).
This is due to the fact that a rotated segment or “subluxation” can create muscle tightness and inflammation in the spine around the nerve roots. These nerve roots under pressure cause spontaneous firing (shooting, burning pain) and loss of sensation (tingling, numbness) down the arms or legs. When one gets adjusted the muscle tension changes, and the nerve root is less compressed.

However, there can be other problems in our body that cause pain in the head, neck, back , hips, arms, and legs. Instead of the nerve root being compressed near the spine, a muscle in the arm or leg could be too tight and compressing the nerve at the site, like “Sciatica.” Chiropractic treatment is wonderful for treating these muscle problems and here’s why.

The muscle is attached to the bone. With an adjustment of the bone, the attached muscle is carefully and quickly stretched. This stretch causes the previously tight muscle to relax or change the muscle tone. Once the muscle tone is lessened, the nerve is no longer compressed; and the tingling and numbness gets better. Unfortunately, our chronic muscle tightness and poor posture can cause that muscle to tighten up again. This does NOT mean that you will have to see a chiropractor for the rest of your life. It means that most often, multiple visits are required to create a permanent change. Making the necessary posture and bad habit changes will greatly speed up your recovery time and get you back doing what you love.

Of course, there can be many other factors to the symptoms discussed above. That is why it is the doctor’s job to do a thorough physical evaluation which will help determine the proper course of treatment. If it is not an issue that chiropractic treatment can fix, a referral will be made to someone who can help.