Where Does Neurology Fit In?

Nathaniel Peery Articles

In addition to working with musculo-skeletal problems, I have developed a passion for neurology. That is why I have spent an additional 300 hours outside of chiropractic school attending neurology seminars and am currently pursuing a degree in functional neurology. It is not always enough to know how the nerves control the muscles which move our body. One must have a better understanding of what first activates or fires the nerves…the brain! To do this, your doctor need to understand not only the different regions or lobes of the brain and brain stem, but understand how each part of the brain simultaneously activates another region and, finally, what that does to our bodies.

A thorough neurologic evaluation can provide such insight into our problems. And if we want to consider fixing the cause of the problem, we should start at the source. Neurologic evaluation and brain exercises have helped me to work with many complicated complaints including stroke, movement disorders, and auto-immune conditions. This is all to say that I love to work with the weird, complicated cases that just do not make sense to other doctors!